Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Marina
Oil on Canvas 24" x 16"
This painting is available. Contact me.

Last week there was another full moon, and as always, I went out to try my hand at another nocturne. In the past, my nocturnes have been highly improvised. I would wait until the moon was well developed and shone brightly in the sky. Then I would jump into the car and search the area until I found a particularly brilliant spot to capture. This time, I had a plan in my head before I started.

Recently, I've been moving towards more formal compositions in my work. Laying out the perspective with a ruler in the dark was an interesting experience. I thought a marina woud be a perfect place to highlight the moon. I've spent a little time around boats and marinas, and I always found them very relaxing places to be. The cool breeze and gentle calm of the water is very peaceful. I tried to capture that feeling in this piece.

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