Friday, July 8, 2011

More Studio Upgrades

I've made some additional changes to my studio, to make it better and more flexible. Making a new easel was just the first step. Ever since I moved into the studio, I've wanted to return to doing portraits and working from live models.

To be able to handle portraits, I needed a way to sit a model at eye level. The plywood platform that I built can be seen in the photo. This raises a seated model just up to the right level so that I'm not looking down on them as I stand and work. The platform has a box-frame on the inside to support the weight of the model sitting on it. At some point, I will paint the platform so that it doesn't stick out so badly.

To the rear you can see a curtain rod I put in to sit behind the model. This hangs from a rafter on the roof, and it can be moved around and adjusted. The curtain can also be taken off and changed so that I can adjust the color of the background.

I've tried out the current setup a few times and are really happy with it.

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